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My man Jake E. Lee and of course the Oz man cometh!!

Please post your requests in the request section and I will get to it in the order posted.

Please let me know if it's time-sensitive or a special request
Have a nice daysmile
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The Wall

Hey man! I wanted to ask you about your truefire uploads - how do you manage to get them in the "old" format where you have a flash player open the whole course, as opposed to the system that they use now, where everything is done through the truefire app? I prefer the old way much more!!
Hey man, i think you're the best thing that ever happend here haha. Was just wondering, is there any chance for kellyvalleau tabs?

Here's his website:

Cheers! keep rocking.

Last edited by marktube, yesterday

I've got a fairly complete list of Kelly Valleu thanks to fellow pirate I've traded with in the past. Just never got a request for it. UNTIL NOW. :0)

So here's the really REALLY really long freakin' list. You may pick and choose or just opt for them all which would require installments because it tops out at a whopping 111GB's. Other's feel free to chime in as well. This guy is a monster talent and very patient teacher. Sometimes I'll just spend and hour mesmerized by watching him play he's so good.

Sorry about the images. I can't find a way to attach a text file on this thing. I guess someone tell me how or PM me your email addy and I'll shoot you the full list so you can copy & paste. This will give you an idea anyways. It's a lot!
if he is teaching the songs, how they should be played i would definitly love to have those songs. like 10 songs month.
Yep. It's his full teaching method on each lesson. It's on his acoustic guitar or maybe he uses a nylon.shocked Whatever it is, it sounds badass. If you want TAPVD, you could send me a gmail or whatever is most convenient way for you to request songs. My thought was that if I send everyone the list, then they can copy and paste. But, whatever works for everybody. We can do it through a cloud link too.
Cloud link for me please
It's awesome brother. I love acoustic so much.
Oh please upload a torrent for this. This is just way too good wow
I agree this would be a really popular torrent but how do you think I should go about it. I mean, 11, 10 Gig Torrents? That's a lot of copy and pasting and upload time. But in the long run. The more people share, it will be hella lot faster to download than a single Cloud link. What is the consensus? Would people swarm for a 111GB download if it's good enough?
I know i will, man, and that the people above me will too. I mean, it's Kelly Valleu. The guy is a fingerstyler monster. So pumped for this right now
Okay. The mass has I'll start uploading it to my seedbox. After I clear out some space. This could take a while....

Thanks a bunch for the Celtic Blues & DADGAD uploads :)
If by chance you could upload Celtic Instrumentals for Fingerstyle Guitar, Vol. 1: DADGAD that would be awesome.
Again, thank you so much for all you've done and keep doing for us guitar players. Really appreciate it.
I got you soldiner19787 . Trouble is, this guy is not nearly as good as he thinks he is @ $269 for a single technique course. And I seriously doubt he originated the sweeping technique. I mean, if he's the originator, as he claims, why did he have to "pour his whole life for 3 years into the development of this course." You would think he could he just whipped it right out.

Ok....Ok...I like Frank Gambale. I just think his courses and his ego are way overpriced.

Let's put it to the vote. Upvote this if you want Frank Gambale's Definitive Sweep Picking Course.
And Upvote this is you'd rather see Tom Qualye's
Fusion Lesson Bundle Available NOW!!

Save over $100 on the regular lesson price with this fantastic instant download bundle...

This fantastic and great bargain bundle contains ALL of Tom's lessons from his website. This bundle includes hours and hours of video tuition, tons of PDF files, licks, concepts and backing tracks.

The bundle is priced to save you over $100 at only $280! (VAT/Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live)

The normal price for all of this material is over $400.

The bundle includes all of the following lessons/material: -

Technique Essentials Range:-
Modern Legato Part 1
Modern Legato Part 2
Modern Legato Part 3
Practice Session Vol 1 - Modern Legato

Fusion Blues Playing:-
Tackling the I-IV Movement
Modern Licks for the Advancing Blues Player

Extras: -
Langdales Hotel 3hr 20min Masterclass Video
Funk Changes Solo - Full Transcription
Fusion Essentials Range:-
Jazz Harmony/Playing Over Changes
Soloing Over Dominant 7th Chords
Using Chromaticism in Your Playing
Diminished Scale Harmony
Creative Use of Pentatonics
Improvising with Triad Pairs
Guide to Melodic Minor
Chordal Playing & Comping
Contemporary II-V-I Lines
Improvising Using Formulas
Fusion Chordal Playing Concepts
Playing Outside Creating Tension & Release
Or Add your own and upvote it. Let's get messy!!!!lolroflwavetittertongue
Tom`s Visualising The Fretboard Tutorial - AVAILABLE NOW!!! looks great also
also does anyone know if Tom has any lessons on the 4ths tuning ? or someone else made a course on this tuning?
I think most of his lesson are transcribe from both 4th's and standard tuning.

Last edited by Fuseman, 1 week ago

i mean a lesson specifically on how to use the 4th`s tuning

Last edited by mikel900, 1 week ago

oh I see, you're right. I haven't seen any guitar player with 4ths tuning guitar lesson.
Well technically Tom Quayle's Fusion Bundle is really a badass if you're going to take fusion to the next level. Teaching all of his point of view and approach on how to play fusion will help us elevate our guitar technique with a twist (if you know what i mean). This is a must have lesson.

Last edited by Fuseman, 1 week ago

i agree he has a way high ego.
Why does Frank Gambale's theme music sound like Barney Miller music? Did he write that stuff? Awefuldizzy

Bluesman101 is there any news from for this,
Now it's 40%off
I have this DVD now my friend. He sent it to me as last Friday. I emailed him explaining I hadn't received my bi-monthly DVD and could I get the Beat-Tap as an alternative. He never answered my email but the DVD showed up in my email along with their newest offering "ThumbStyle." Give me some time and I'll get it posted for you. I'm busy, busy, busy bro.
Thank you my friend.take your time. I am so happy to hear that.good luck brother.

Hello sir, I've been requesting this since ages. Please upload this DVD.

Sure thing Xhade450 . Give me until the 20th when I get paid. I'm going to buy Justin's "The JustinGuitar Complete DVD Collection" which as the name implies, is all of his DVD's. I have a request for his blues lead and rhythm DVD's also so I figured I just go ahead and get them all at a deep discount. So be patient with me just another couple a weeks and we'll get there. Mmmmkay?

Hey, bluesman10110.64K ...

Can you please seed this torrent of yours?
Torrent: Next Level Guitar 5-8 DVD Set

Thanx in Advance!
Hey man - a big thank you for uploading the new CDs for the ii-V-1 set : )

I just noticed I think you've uploaded two of the same CD for this one;

- there's meant to be two different CDs but I think you've uploaded CD 1 twice. Just have a look and see.

: )
I haven't listened, but according to the front cover, they are supposed to be the same. One is recorded with slower tempos or so it states. Let me know if this is not the case.

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