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08 July 2016
Hi, I am a new member on KAT and I've been downloading from Kat avidly for years before I became a member. But it feels sad and lonely now, So I'd like a few friends. Please don't bite.
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14 October 2014
Hello wrong user link. Welcome to KAT. I hope you enjoy the community. pirate
Do not worry, almost nobody bites here, but I can't promise anything. lol Just read the rules and have fun. wave
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30 January 2015
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18 June 2016
The.Banshee7431 Uploader
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07 March 2015
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28 September 2013
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05 June 2013
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02 September 2011
Welcome to KAT
Enjoy it here biggrinbiggrin

Take a few minutes to check out the following links:-

Feel free to visit The Beginners Guide To The Site
Tipple14.24K Uploader
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02 December 2013
Hiya wrong user link, welcome to the KAT community!

Burly.21.85K Super User
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21 April 2012
Now you are a registered KAT User, here is a thread of interest to help get you started Thread: The Beginners Guide To The Site and another to keep you safeThread: How to Pirate Safely and Stick It to The Man. wink
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