Any recommendations for someone new to anime.

PartyPanda99124 User
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17 July 2016
I'm looking for some new animes to watch and these are the ones I've watched so far.
Noragami season 1 and 2
Sister New Devil
And I'm currently watching Steins;gate
xtazee30 User
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01 May 2015
Bro without hesitation go download to Great Teacher Onizuka i'm watching it right now for the third time ! if you want an amazing story with a lot of horror and Dark fantasy so Berserk (2016) is for you , you can start with the movie to understand the story in the anime better

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MUNJENI2010 Uploader
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28 September 2011
Like Pringlescan35.12K point out the list you will found some good ones

And here is the list of my favorites
Soul Eater
IS Infinite Stratos
Fairy Tail

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